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Bio-Magnification Game
Contributed by The Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean
This is a tag-inspired game that demonstrates the concept of bio-magnification as it relates to plastics and how chemicals and plastics can make it onto our dinner plates.

Clam Jigsaw
Contributed by Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies
Students create a cutout model of a clam to investigate the anatomy and physiology of these animals.

Density Currents
Contributed by the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science
This activity demonstrates the Thermohaline Circulation throughout the world's oceans and the relative density between cold and warm ocean water.

Dirty Water Challenge
Contributed by the New England Aquarium
This is a fun activity that teaches students about their environment in an engaging and practical way. Inquiry and discussion is embedded within the practical-students have to design, plan and then build their own design of water filter. Students are exposed to important concepts from a variety of scientific disciplines, including how the water cycle works, and the principles behind water filtering.

Oyster Tag
Contributed by Sailors for the Sea
Oyster Tag is a tag-inspired game that demonstrates the effects of pollution on oyster reefs, as well as the effect of oyster reefs on pollution.

Who Dirtied the Water?
Contributed by the New England Aquarium
This interactive story asks students to take on the roles of different historical and modern characters who have had a role in the pollution of a body of water.  As the story is read, each character in turn adds a film container full of pollutants to a jar of clean water representing the body of water.