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Instructor and Coaches Certifications

Small Boat
  Sailing  Counselor Non-Certification) 2 Day - prepares a camp counselor to supervise sailing activities.

 Level 1 Instructor Certification 4 day, 40 hour  - this is the industry standard for beginning instructors to teach sailing.
Level 2 Instructor Certification 2 day -  20 hour workshop that requires Level 1 certification as a pre-requisite. The focus is on developing knowledge and skill in teaching sail theory, sail controls, introductory management skills, spinnaker and trapeze use (and instruction) and powerboat operation for emergency situations.

 Level 3 Instructor
  & Coach
1 day - workshop provides coaches with information on how to effectively develop performance boat handling and racing skills and instill in athletes the importance of ethical behavior and sportsmanship in the sport of sailing.
    Basic Keelboat
3 day - this is an evaluative course that requires you to demonstrate
single-handed sailing, docking, jibing, stopping, mooring, tacking, etc.

    Coastal Navigation
3 day - you must be able to sail a cruising sailboat under challenging conditions
in both daytime and night time conditions.

    Catamaran Endorsement
1 day - qualified to teach sailing skills in a 34+ foot catamaran, including overboard rescue, anchoring and mooring.

    Coastal Passage Making
5 day - live aboard clinic where your knowledge of watchkeeping, safety at sea, helmsmanship and overboard recovery are evaluated.

    Celestial Navigation
An exam is given to the candidate testing his/her knowledge of fixing a position in the ocean using a sextant and timepiece.

    Offshore Passage Making
Your evaluation will consist of completing the required prerequisites, a written exam and the development of a detailed Passage Plan. However, unlike other US Sailing Instructor certifications in which you have participated, there will be no on-the-water examination.
    Powerboat Instructor 3 day - this certification will allow you to certify instructors to teach Safe Powerboat Handling and Safety, and Rescue Boat Handling and Mark-Set boat certifications.
    Basic Powerboat 
    Cruising Instructor
3 day - qualify to teach operating powerboats 26-52 feet in length, single and twin screw for accredited US Powerboating Accredited Schools.

Race Administration

    Learn more Race Management and Advanced Race Management Seminars

    Learn more Judge and Advanced Judge Seminar

    Learn more Umpire Clinic and Advanced Umpire Seminar

    Learn more Safety and Rescue Boat Handling and Mark-Set boat certifications


    National Sailing 
    Programs Symposium   

Annual - premier sailing education and networking event in the U.S. for program directors, instructors, volunteers, parents and sailing industry.
    Regional Sailing
    Programs Symposiums 

Annual - moderated regional meetings.
    One Design 
    Sailing Symposium 

Annual - premier event for one-design racing rock stars and leaders.
    Yacht Club Summit Exchange of ideas and best practices among yacht club commodores, flag officers, general managers, directors and volunteers.

    Leadership Forum The inaugural Sailing Leadership Forum will connect leaders from all aspects of our sport such as sail training and education, yacht club and sailing organization management, racing associations and organizations including one-design and handicap classes, race officials, and industry professionals.


Training on how to use US Sailing curriculum and student materials for middle school students to teach science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) through sailing.

    Teacher Curriculum 
    and Training
1 day - provides teachers an overview of how to implement REACH concepts and activities in a hands on learning setting.

    Sailing Curriculum 
    and Training

1 day - provides sailing instructors training in inquiry basic education to supplement the US Sailing learn to sail program.

Offshore Safety

US Sailing Certified Safety-at-Sea Seminars
    Offshore Special
    Regulations Training
Day 1 - course meets requirements for U.S. offshore races and prepares cruisers
             for blue water passage making.

Day 2 - practical hands-on, in-the-water training: Meets international standards
             racing clinics.

    Offshore Special
    Regulations Governing
    Offshore Racing
This publication includes the US Sailing Prescriptions.  This is the "Bible" for offshore seamanship practices, boat preparation, safety equipment and crew training.

Racing Clinics

Racing clinics are intended to improve sailors' racing skills and introduce recreational sailors to racing.  The clinics assist sailing organizations with quality instruction and help their members improve their sailing.